Crain’s Chicago Business – Coolest Offices 2016 and ThreeSixtyChicago Was There

ThreeSixtyChicago once again had the honor of creating the virtual tours for Crain’s Chicago Business Coolest Office contest winners.  In 2015, we highlighted the winners with a more traditional virtual tour with 360 degree spherical panoramic photography.  For 2016, we showcased the winners with a Matterport 3D immersive walkthrough.  Each space had it’s challenges.  For Pandora, it is sheer size.  The space is massive with a lot of different rooms.  I was onsite for almost 4 hrs just doing the scanning.  All while the lucky employees that work in this space were leaving for the night.  Movement causes scans to not stitch together, so there were a lot of rescans when people walked by.  For Arete, I arrived over lunch hour, so that gave me a good head start on scanning before people started coming back in.  They were all so cordial and waited in the kitchen area until I was done.  Luckily, it was an employees birthday, so they didn’t mind hanging out where the cake was.  Both of the shoots were super fun and it was great to get a sneak preview of these coolest offices.  Great picks, judges!  You nailed it! Full Article in Crain’s Chicago Business here.

The coolest part?  You can view the spaces with Google Cardboard and Samsung VR Gear 3D glasses!  Take a tour for yourself below!


Pandora Tour

2016 Winner


2016 Editors Pick



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